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Magick and Dreams

Monday 20th June is a full moon. The ideal time to perform Magick and send your desires out to the Universe. With this in mind we'll have a tree available for you to work your own Ribbon Magick.


All ribbons will be provided. We're going to be using biodegradable ribbons to avoid causing any harm to the environment. If you would like to add a little power to your work by anointing your ribbons with oils, we'll have some pre-made magickally charged oils available too.

Simple Ribbon Magick


1. Use the magick of colour to find the most appropriate ribbon for your spell. If you are working a spell on two people (romance etc) then choose two ribbons and weave them together.


White - purity, healing, blessing, wisdom, innocence.

Red - energy, passion, vitality, willpower, success, male.

Orange - creativity, prosperity, emotional strength.

Yellow - mental power, wealth, communication, travel.

Green - growth, fertility, harmony.

Light Blue - healing, serenity, peace, security.

Dark Blue - success in long-term plans, clarity.

Purple - spiritual development, luck, psychic abilities.

Pink - gentle love, romance, friendship, tranquility, female.

Brown - grounding, stability, endurance.

Black - binding, depression, absorbing negativity.


2. Anoint your ribbon(s) for added power.


3. Tie the correct number of knots to seal your spell.


1. For focus, single-mindedness, acceptance.

2. Balance in partnerships and relationships.

3. For solidity, timing, acceptance.

4. For dealing with authority, general health.

5. For energy, passion, courage, willpower.

6. For success, wealth, charisma.

7. For love, fertility, emotional growth.

8. For mental clarity, healing, communication.

9. For the emotions, tides, glamour.

10. For endurance, perseverance and grounding.


Remember to repeat your intent every time you tie a knot to secure your wishes. Your ribbons will never be untied, they will be allowed to remain until they break down naturally and fall away to be absorbed by the earth.

Sun Wheel Ritual

During the afternoon we will be creating a Sun Wheel out of flowers and herbs. Anyone who would like to is welcome to participate. From 6pm this will be passed around for people to add their wishes on slips of paper. After the sunset ritual this will be thrown onto the fire where the flames will carry the wishes out to the Universe.