Craft Activities

The pictures on this page are a mix of pictures taken by the Pagan Pathways rochester organisation and those from guests at the Summer Solstice Camp 2016.

We made all sorts of craft items in the Craft tent. Everyone made something and most people had a go at at least a few crafts ....even the guys! Click here to view people and their creations.

Sun Spinners

Simple representations of the sun made out of wool and sticks. Many people chose to hang these in the Wishing Tree along with their ribbon spells.

Flower Mandalas

Petals and flowers arranged into mandalas. These were originally going to be made and left on the grass but due to heavy rain the night before and a brisk breeze on the day, we decided to make them on paper instead.

Magickal Incense

We made incense to throw on the Solstice fire during the rituals. A selection of ingredients was provided along with instructions listing the magickal properties of the herbs, flowers and resins. People created their incense according to their wishes.

Wand and Staff Making

Ash sticks, sandpaper, ribbons, paint, glitter, sequins, crystals and feathers. Everything you needed to create your own Summer Solstice wand and/or staff. There were some beautiful creations!

Shells, Masks and other Prettiness

We painted and decorated shells, decorated sun masks (pre made by Jackie) and created whatever we wanted to.