Ticket price includes all food and activities.

Craft Activities (more to be added)

Create your own Wand

We'll be making brightly coloured wands with rainbow ribbons, paint, glitter and sequins and jingly bells. Make yours with long flowing ribbons and they're great for running around with too. The wands will be made from Ash, perfect for Solar Magick.

Magickal Incense

Make your own Magickal Incense to throw into the Solstice fire. All ingredients and a few recipe suggestions provided. Feel free to bring any ingredients that you would like to add.

Pebble Painting

Paint a pebble (or two), to decorate your home or garden, You never know, you might even find a hag stone in the pile of pebbles.

Ribbon Magick

Create your own Ribbon Spell to add the the Wishing Tree that we started on the campsite during our 2016 stay. All materials provided, ribbons, crystals, oils etc.

Giant Bubbles

How big can you get your bubble to be? Have fun creating huge bubbles and set them free to sail across the campsite in the breeze.

Petal Mandalas

Lay a petal mandala as a tribute to summer. Spend time in a meditative state, creating your mandala by placing the petals in a pattern. Either do this on the ground to decorate the campsite or on paper to take home and press.

All of the activities on this page are included with the price of your ticket. Thank you to all who have donated and collected resources for us to be able to do this.

This is a non profit event. Any monies over will be donated to charity.